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  • ERBrains IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd is an independent IT consulting firm based in the Bangalore.
  • Our focus is to ease our client into a long-term relationship with a business and execution model.
  • At ERBrains we believe that the success of your Enterprise Resource Planning software solution.


Microsoft Sharepoint

MSD Sharepoint:-
Microsoft SharePoint Services

Microsoft SharePoint Server provides a central location where employees can collaborate, search, manage content and workflow, and leverage business insights to make informed decisions. SharePoint is a core Microsoft technology designed to support the creation, maintenance, sharing, communication, and security of knowledge management components such as documents, KPIs (key performance indicators), corporate announcements, contact data, blogs, wikis, and more.

SharePoint replaces shared folders on network drives with an enhanced feature platform that allows for document version control and revision history, archiving, maximum security, team sites, protected access for multiple constituencies, and workflow templates. It also serves as a foundation for building Web-based applications tailored to individual businesses.

Key benefits of a SharePoint implementation include:
  • Improved/streamlined team productivity using collaboration tools
  • Ease of documents management, including version control and history
  • Preserving content integrity
  • Sophisticated controls for securing company resources and business information
  • Built-in workflow templates to automate processes such as approvals, reviews, and archiving
  • Ability to create custom workflows
  • Open (but secure) platform for partners, customers, vendors, and employees
  • Cost-effective foundation for building tailored Web-based applications

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