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MS Dynamics AX 2009 – Payroll



1. Basic Knowledge of Payroll Principles

2. Basic Knowledge of Accounting Principles

3. An Understanding of How to Navigate Within Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009


Training Type: Class Room

Duration: 20 Hours


Course Outline:


Sub Topic



  • Introduction to Payroll Process
  • Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics Payroll Module
  • Payroll Set Up
  • Payroll Period
  • Payroll Set Up For Employees
  • Union Set Up
  • Employee Set Up
  • Payroll Processing
  • Reports and Inquiries

20 Hours


Course in Detail:

Topic I: Payroll

Module 1: Introduction to Payroll Process

This module explains the critical elements required for Payroll functionality. It explains how to implement, set up, and manage a Payroll system. This course also explains the basic concepts, terms, data, and processes used by a Payroll Department.

Module 2: Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics Payroll Module

This module introduces the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Payroll Module and the integrations.

Module 3: Payroll Set Up

This module explains the several set up steps that are required to use Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Payroll. All of these required set up steps will be covered in this chapter.

Module 4: Payroll Set Up For Employees

This module explains the optional Payroll set up steps for employees in the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Payroll Module. Although the set up steps discussed in this chapter are not required for Payroll processing, they can be used to select various job titles and job categories which can then be attached to each employee.

Module 5: Union Set Up

This module explains Union set up steps which are required to process Payroll for union employees. Each union can have varying requirements such as pay rates based on skill, effective dates, and fringe benefits.

Module 6: Employee Set Up

This module explains the prerequisites to set up new employees for Payroll processing.

Module 7: Payroll Processing

This module explains the procedures for Payroll processing in which the pay statements are ultimately generated.

Module 8: Reports and Inquiries

This module explains the various reports and inquiries that are standard in the Payroll Module.


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