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Management Reporter

Prerequisites :

Some Working Knowledge Of Microsoft Windows Basic Knowledge Of Programming Methodologies and Integrated Development Environments.


Training Type: Class Room

Duration: 60 Hours


Course Outline:


Sub Topic

Introduction and Overview
  • Welcome
  • Training Reports
  • Building Blocks
  • Menu Bar
  • Toolbars
  • Navigation Pane
  • Building Block Groups
Detailed Trial Balance
  • Create a New Row Definition
  • Create a New Column Definition
  • Create a Trial Balance Report Definition
  • View the Trial Balance
Detailed Income Statement
  • Modify a Row Definition
  • Modify a Report Definition
  • Report Viewer
Working with Reporting


  • Two Level Dimension Based Reporting Trees
  • Departmental Income Statement
  • Reporting Tree Symbols
  • Multilevel Reporting Trees
  • Other Reporting Tree Options
Review Plus
  • View the Demo Report Definitions
  • Wildcards and Ranges
  • Export and Import Building Blocks
Side by Side Reporting
  • Divisional Income Statement
  • Row Modifiers
  • Unit Restrictions in the Row
  • Definition
Relational Reporting
  • Define a BASEROW Column
  • Definition
  • Define a CBR Row
  • Multiple CBR Rows
Variance Reporting
  • Over/(Under) Variances
  • Favorable/(Unfavorable) Variances
  • Design Review

Balance Sheet Reporting

  • Create a Balance Sheet Row Definition
  • Create Balance Sheet Column Definitions
  • Create the Report Definition
  • Sample Balance Sheets
Statements of Cash Flow
  • Sample Statement of Cash Flow
  • Review the Cash Flow Building Blocks
  • Generating the Statement of Cash Flow
  • FASB Style Statement of Cash Flow
Consolidation Reporting
  • Consolidating Row Definitions
  • Consolidating Report Definition
  • Sort Commands
  • External Worksheet Linking
  • Consolidating Balance Sheet with Separate Link

Report Output and


  • Output Type
  • Other Options and Exception Reports
  • Report Viewer Distribution
  • Defining Users and Roles
  • Working with Groups and Companies
  • Report Viewer Security
  • Generator Functionality
  • Tools Menu Options
  • Report Groups

Data Migration

  • Overview
  • Migration Steps
  • XBRL Setup
  • Row Definition for XBRL
  • XBRL Column Definitions and Reporting Trees
  • Review XBRL Output
  • Report Wizard
  • Dimensions and Special Characters

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