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Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010



1. General Knowledge of Microsoft Windows.

2. Basic Knowledge of Accounting Principles.


Training Type: Class Room

Duration: 40 Hours


Course Outline:


Sub Topic



  • Overview and Basic Elements
  • SmartList, Reports and Inquiries
  • System and Posting Setup
  • Company Setup Procedures
  • Customization and Utilities

40 Hours


Course in Detail:

Topic I: Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Module 1: Overview and Basic Elements

This module introduces the Dynamics GP series and integration concepts. This module also introduces many of the basic elements that are used throughout Microsoft Dynamics GP. The main window of the application is discussed along with logging on to Dynamics, and common window functions and objects in Microsoft Dynamics GP are identified and explained.

Module 2: SmartList, Reports and Inquiries

This module discusses SmartList, an inquiry tool that can be used to access data. It also discusses reporting and inquiry capabilities and the use of Microsoft Word templates to generate common documents.

Module 3: System and Posting Setup

In this module, some basic system setups are discussed along with information about the different ways to post transactions in Microsoft Dynamics GP. System setups discussed include security, users and user classes. Posting Setup is discussed along with related topics such as audit trails and source documents.

Module 4: Company Setup Procedures

This module examines how to set up companies in Microsoft Dynamics GP and then define options specific to each company. The company setup windows are used to define company parameters such as company information, Internet information, fiscal periods, account format, credit cards, shipping methods, payment terms and custom links.

Module 5: Customization and Utilities

The focus of this module is on the ways to customize a number of elements in the Microsoft Dynamics GP system to specific needs, enabling work to be completed more efficiently. Additionally, resource information on tables and fields are discussed and some miscellaneous system utilities are also a focus of this module.


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